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To those who are chronic pain sufferers with the hope that they will seek proper help and, with relief of their problems, go on to re-create their lives

Many people had a role in shaping my career and, hence, this book. I'd most certainly like to thank my parents, who had the wisdom to encourage my participation in projects that nurtured, rather than stifled, creativity and curiosity.

I am also grateful to a high school chemistry teacher who taught me to ask the following question when faced with an unknown: "What, why, and according to whom?" This teacher also taught me that every question or problem can be looked at in multiple ways.

I've had the opportunity to study with many wonderful clinicians, researchers, and teachers over the years, and I'd like to thank all of them for giving so freely of their knowledge, findings, and selves during the formative part of my professional life.

Few were more encouraging to me than my patients and office staff when the possibility of a book was mentioned. They helped me turn the possibility into a reality. I will always be grateful.

I'd also like to thank Libby McGreevy at Congdon & Weed for her editorial help and her patience.

My wife and two children encouraged me to write this book and were willing to put up with my preoccupation during the long stretches of time in which it was written. I'd also like to thank them for their many sacrifices while I was studying and developing the techniques discussed. I will always be grateful to them for bearing with me during this time.

A. Richard Goldman, D.D.S.

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