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Proven Solutions for Severe Pain Caused by Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction Syndrome

TMJ Pain

Dr. Goldman has been providing effective solutions for TMJ for nearly 40 years. His innovative, comprehensive approach has helped patients achieve significant, lasting pain reduction, and his non-surgical treatments do not require the use of pain relief medications.

A brief overview of the treatment process is provided below. For more detailed information about TMJ and its treatment, download Dr. Goldman’s book, TMJ Syndrome: The Overlooked Diagnosis.

Step 1: Dr. Goldman will ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire about your health history, symptoms, past treatments, etc.

Step 2: Dr. Goldman will take high quality panoral x-ray using the state-of-the-art CommCat Tomographic system

Step 3: Dr. Goldman will meet with you one-on-one in a non-hurried atmosphere and do a very thorough comprehensive history so you can describe your situation, symptoms as well as your prior treatments, if any.

Step 4: Dr. Goldman will perform a thorough physical exam to assess jaw movement and jaw sounds, the way in which the teeth fit together, and any spasms in the head and neck muscles as well as dental damage that was done by this problem.

Step 5: Dr. Goldman will thoroughly discuss his findings and present his treatment recommendations.

Step 6: Once you agree to the treatment plan, Dr. Goldman will perform additional Tomographic x-rays to visualize unseen abnormalities, within the jaw joint itself, which might interfere with the prescribed treatment. If these x-rays show no interfering findings, Dr Goldman will begin the specific treatment, that he has designed uniquely for you, based on his forty years of research, development and experience.

Patients usually start responding to treatment within 4 weeks.

Dr. Goldman does not like to surprise his patients. After the examination, if he feels that he can help you, you will be given an estimate of the fees involved.

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